Gyro 101

You can pronounce it "yeer-ro", "jai-ro" or "gear-o." Either way, gyros are tasty and popular Greek-American sandwiches that are fit for a hero!

But what exactly is a gyro?

Gyros are sandwiches made with thinly-sliced, seasoned lamb, beef or chicken, and placed in a pita or flatbread. Traditional gyros are topped with onions and tomatoes. Tapa's gyros are made with grilled seasoned chicken or beef, or a combination, that is thinly sliced and served on grilled pita bread with garden greens and tomatoes. Don't forget to add cheese if that's your thing!

You can choose to top your gyro with tzatziki or madd Greek sauce at Tapas. Tzatziki is a white creamy sauce made with traditional yogurt, cucumbers and dill, while Madd Greek sauce is a delicious "kicked up" Greek ketchup.

So, where did the gyro come from?

The word "gyro" comes from the Greek word for "turn." Also, a gyro is similar to Turkey's doner kebab, which was invented in the 19th century, but the gyro's actual origin is about as clear as tzatziki sauce.

Stop into Tapas Bloomfield or Tapas West Hartford today and find out why our gyro is at the top of the list! And don't forget to try Tapas Ultimate Gyro! It's a staff favorite with more meat, melted cheese, onions, greens and tomatoes with a combination of madd Greek sauce, tzatziki or both! Really hungry? You can even make it a platter with waffle cut fries, Greek salad or rice pilaf for a little extra! Either way you're in for a treat!

Kali orex (a common expression when saying "enjoy your meal" in Greek)!


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